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    A partnership with Jean-Pierre Dick

    Since the beginning of 2015, Parquest Capital supports the sailor Jean-Pierre Dick and his team Absolute Dreamer in his Vendée Globe 2016 project.

    Not only have we been won by his impressive records but also by Jean-Pierre’s personality and core values, so close to ours: professionalism, ambition, requirements, performance, tenacity… but also human qualities such as humility, success as a result of teamwork and long term commitment…

    We also realized how similar an MBO operation and a Vendée Globe are : a project with a starting point and a finish line building on an ambitious goal, serious means and planning, competent teams and a captain. It also implies coping with the present reality of the race where you have to constantly adapt to the unexpected, take options and measured risks, handle your stress, take decisions always in composure… with a little bit of luck… or not, but always with the determination to arrive safe and sound, as Jean-Pierre did in 2013 (2600 miles without a keel after it was lost off the coast of Azores, and nevertheless finishing 4th of the race !).

    Program of 2015/2016 :

    • September 2015 : setting sail of the new StMichel-Virbac boat
    • October 2015 : start of the Transat Jacques Vabre as double-handed race (Le Havre-Itajai)
    • December 2015 : Solo return Transat
    • June 2016 : The Transat, the solo transatlantic race
    • November 2016 : start of the Vendée Globe